Monday, April 23, 2012

Duck on a Bike

Silly Goose and I went to the library for a Wee Read Berkshire County story hour. The story of the day was Duck on a Bike by David Shannon.

Duck on a Bike is a silly book about a duck riding a bike and passing all his animal friends. It incorporates all the animal sounds (moo, oink, neigh, etc) plus what the animal is thinking about seeing the duck on the bike. Silly Goose enjoyed it, and the next story, but lost interest after that.

We played awhile and then made paper a paper duck.

Paper Ducks
1 piece of yellow paper, folded in half
1 piece of yellow paper, not folded
1 piece of brown paper

1. Trace your LO's hand on the folded yellow paper. Cut out the hands to make 2 wings.
2. Trace your LO's foot on the other piece of yellow paper. Cut out the foot to make the duck's body.
3. Cut 2 triangles from the brown paper to make the duck's feet.
4. Glue all together.
5. Add eyes (either googly or with crayon).
6. Allow LO to color in the duck.

Silly Goose wanted to hang her duck on the wall with the other model duck. So there it stayed at the library.

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